Advaita Handicrafts - Hand Painted Coasters with Wooden Box - set of 4

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Beautiful Wooden Handmade and Hand Painted Beautiful traditional Indian Lady Coasters with Wooden box

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Beautiful Wooden Handmade and Hand Painted Indian Lady Coasters with Wooden box.
This is a classy coaster set to serve your guests with, that leaves no doubt in their minds about your décor tastes. 
Make your table unique and colorful with these original totally hand-painted coasters.
Dimension: 4 * 4 inches per coaster
This comes as set of 4 coasters in a box. 
These gorgeous natural wood coasters make for special & thoughtful home decor gifts for any occasion, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Family gifts, Birthday gifts, Mothers day, Fathers day, corporate gifts etc.
Handmade my our artisans painstakingly, makes this not just a humane product but eco-friendly as well. 
Entirely made by hand. and therein lies its beauty and uniqueness