Advaita Handicrafts Pure Silk Hand-painted Patachitra Saree - Krishna in seasons

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A lovely hand painted patachitra saree by one of our women artists.

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A lovely hand painted patachitra saree by one of our women artists.

This saree depicts Krishna and Radha cosying up in various seasons such as Monsoons, winters , spring and the hot summer. This theme is a fairly popular patachitra theme and has been depicted by award winning artists.

Our artists are trained artists in various fold arts like Patachitra, Madhubani and Gond. A theme based unique saree, this will get your attention whether you seek it or not. Team it with a solid blouse for max effect.

NOTE: Please note that our Sarees are made to order. We will need 30 days to paint and ship to you. You can connect with us on 9920515148 for any queries you might have. You can check with us on the status of ready to ship or painting required.

Patachitra is the folk art of Odisha and originated in the 12th century in Puri, Odisha. It depicts various themes based on the life of Lord Jagannath.

Material: Pure mulberry silk Paints - Acrylic Pallu - 1.25 meters of painting/ Border work with gopis dancing

Product care: Hand painted sarees are to be cold water hand washed only. No soaking. Dry in the shade


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