Amalfiee Handmade Terracotta Water Dekchi With Lid Set Of 2


The dollop of ghee dripping on the hot paranthas is a site that we all love & relish. The beaten brass design gives this ghee pot a vintage look. The beautiful antique brass ghee pot is a perfect accompaniment to this setup and superior than stainless steel or tin coated, especially with a lid & spoon. The storage & usage, both thus becomes quite easy.

This brass ghee pot made by 'Kansara' , 'Kansara' is the name of a local area in Western India, they possess areas of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Kansara are specialists in metallurgy and in making hand-made utensils from Brassand Copper. Reference to Kansara craftsmanship is found in the Ramayana. It is accepted locally that the specialty of making utensils by Kansara in Brassand Copper just as decorations existed since Treta-Yuga. It is had faith locally that nearly obliteration of Champaner realm Maa Mahakali directed the Kansaras to move to more secure spots and that is the means by which the Kansara people dispersed across various areas of Gujarat.

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  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Indian Red
  • Features: Handmade ,Lead Free, Scartch Resistant ,Dishwash Safe  ,Microwave Safe
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