Brass Mortar and Pestle Okhli


The humble Mortar and Pestle dates back to 1550 BCE. As ancient as civilization itself, the world may have moved on to kitchen blenders but a good old session with the mortar and pestle makes for a far more rewarding exercise! The act of pounding any food material in a mortar and pestle releases its natural oils and results in a far more intense flavour.

This latest offering is designed with a longer pestle that allows for very different kinds of hand motions than that achieved by one that is shorter in length. 
One can use it easily for grinding spices or for medicinal purposes. The charming handcrafted body of this mortar-pestle  is a telling sign that we are rediscovering the joy of using a mortar and pestle in the kitchen.

In stock
  • Dimension : 1.75x1.75x4.5 inches (l*b*h)
  • Material : Pure Brass
  • Weight : 0.78 Kg
  • Feature : Plain golden with lines running in the centre (Handcrafted in pure brass)


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