Brass Tawa


Pital Ka Tawa or tawa pan used to cook a variety of dishes including dosas, chapatis, and rotis for extra flavorful and healthy taste. Cooking Chapattis Paranthas on tawa from P-tal helps you add-on nutrition value to your food. Cooking daily with Brass utensils will add extra add-on to your lifestyle and boosts up your immunity. Afday providing Wide range of brass and copper products as very minimal rates.

Aren't chappatis & paranthas the soul of Indian cuisine? The brass tawa makes this cooking & eating a memorable experience. The healthy metal keeps the nutrition intact. The size of the tawa makes the cooking of paranthas quite easy. Also, the heating is more equal leading to better chappatis. A must requisite for any Indian household.

Note: Shine of the product will tarnish in single-use, it’s a utility product which once heated helps in cooking faster and evenly.

In stock
  • Dimension : 10x10 x .02 inches (roughly, can vary due to handcrafted)
  • Material : Pure Brass
  • Weight : 0.9-1.1 kg
  • Feature : Hammered Golden Finish (handcrafted in pure brass) 


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