Bunko Junko Eco-friendly Unused Textiles Back Pack


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  • MATERIAL:mix fabric patched together
  • DIMENSION:28cm Length x 9cm Height x 31cm width 

  • Shoulder Strap: 109

  • CARE:Air dry, use

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Eco-friendly alternative to reduce your carbon footprint.
Product with purpose environment sustainability and women empowerment. we use unused textiles to manufacture our product to save landfills and each product is made by a hardworking women helping them to generate income for their lively hood.


Get this colorful backpack, and make your style more colorful .multicolor designer back pack with multicolor fabric patched together , one haul loop, two adjustable shoulder straps chained can be use as single side shoulder strap One main zip compartment, has a zip pocket note: material/color may vary from what is shown in the image

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