Vintage Old Antique Style Iron Glass & Wood Electric Lantern

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  • Vintage Old Antique Style Beautiful Topaz Glass Iron & Wooden Electric Lantern Lamp.
  • Beautiful Antique Style Unique
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Decorate your room with a touch of elegant traditional home decor with this Pure Source India antique metal lantern. Featuring a vintage style base, the entire base of this lantern is sculpted with an Antique wood Base. Made of wood material, this lantern features a thin and durable handle to carry it easily from one place to the other. About Pure Source India:- We're the pioneer seller of occasion gifting and conceptual home decor (rapidly expanding in India and internationally). As a business, we are creative, innovative, and forward-thinking. As a team, we are supportive, passionate, and absolute experts in what we do. The selection we offer continues to be core to our business and our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship is reflected in all we do.

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