Vintage Antique Men Showpiece Statue

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  • Size: L 4 Inch X W 4 Inch X H 9.5
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Weight: 350gm
  • Color: Black Rustic
  • Handcrafted 
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Indian handicrafts give an attractive look to your living room and any kind of space like office, cabins, hotels, restaurants, party clubs, shops, Institutional, etc. Each piece of figurine hand-made by a Traditional Artist and light-Weight.

Decor your Home by Ethnic Tribal showpiece

Place this beautiful in any kind of area like a table, shelf, office desk, wall corner, and your suitable area, etc.

Sometimes we get bored to place the decorative items in the same place every day. But these Indian handicrafts are easy to place and carry.

BEST GIFT IDEA: For a personalized gift to your loved ones, relatives, friends, corporate, and business sector also.

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