Hand Carved Sitting Buddha Statue

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  • Product Type: Statues
  • Materials: Wood
  • Dimensions: Height 20 CM X Length 10 Cm
  • Style: Religious & Decor
  • Theme: Buddhism
  • Handmade
  • Easy 7 days
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Serene and calming, made of lightweight natural wood, this large Buddha statue is intricately hand-carved. This Buddha statue has artistic carved details on all sides. Here it is a beautiful sculpture of Abhaya Buddha. Abhaya is translated from Sanskrit as fearlessness. If you look at this Buddha hand gesture, or mudra, you will also feel the energy of protection, peace, and a sense of strong, deep inner security. A powerful feng shui decor addition to any home or office! If you still don't believe look at the pics and believe yourself. Product Description Buddha statue made of wood Finely carved details on all sides of this Buddha statue.

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