Ceramic Salad and Snack Serving Bowl


These beautifully layered glaze serving bowls have the power to turn any interior spot into extraordinary. The naturally flowing snowy white glaze creates a very eye catchy abstract form and makes your tableware collection instantly stylish. These bowls can be used for anything from serving snacks or having dessert to decorating with flowers or even just as table-pieces.

Bowls set are soul of dine. While little snack serving bowls were used to serve soup and other cocktails in numerous antiquated societies, bowls have been utilized for serving and eating nourishment for millennia at this point. Available in endless shapes and sizes, various types of bowls are used to serve different varieties of food. From big bowls to small bowls, and from round bowls to geometric microwave safe bowls, Afday has bowls online for a luxurious dining experience.

In stock
  • Dimension : 8 × 8 × 4 inch
  • Material : Ceramic
  • Weight: 923g
  • Volume: 800ml
  • Color : Ultramarine Blue
  • Feature : ✸Hand made ✸Lead Free ✸Dish wash Safe ✸Scratch resistant ✸Microwave safe


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