Citrine Crown Ring


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  • Metal used: Sterling Silver
  • Stone used: Citrine Druzy (Origin - Brazil)
  • Dimensions: Crown size within 2-2.5cm diameter
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Citrine druzy cluster forming crown like shape used for this ring. Organic stone set in collet. Every piece of ring is unique. It's an adjustable ring style, to fit any finger size.

About "Citrine Cluster" collection: Citrine a variety of quartz is found in myriad colors such as brownish orange, red, lemon etc. Often interchangeably called as the merchant's stone, is thought to bring in & maintain abundant wealth, if kept at your work place. Its associated with inspiring confidence, creativity and imagination. Believed to be the bearer of joy & happiness, it helps in alleviation of depression or anxiety. The collection comprises of styles made out of hand picked Citrine Druzy crystals set in sterling silver.