Citrine Druzy Pendant


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  • Metal used: Sterling Silver
  • Stone used: Citrine Druzy (Origin - Brazil)
  • Dimensions: Pendant 4cm length, chain 20
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Lovely citrine druzy cluster pendant. The stones are given quadrilateral shape and set in a collet,maintaining raw beauty of the druzy. Pendant is strung in simple cable chain with back opening.

About 'Citrine Cluster' collection: Citrine a variety of quartz is found in myriad colors such as brownish orange, red, lemon etc. Often interchangeably called as the merchant's stone, is thought to bring in & maintain abundant wealth, if kept at your work place. Its associated with inspiring confidence, creativity and imagination. Believed to be the bearer of joy & happiness, it helps in alleviation of depression or anxiety. The collection comprises of styles made out of hand picked Citrine Druzy crystals set in sterling silver.


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