Cocosutra Chia Chocolate Oatmeal- 300gm


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  • Net Wt: 300gm
  • How To Make It:  Add 50 g (1/2 cup) of Chia Chocolate Oatmeal
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Guaranteed to be the best bite of the day, this hearty bowl of oatmeal is loaded with chia and flax seeds and bursting with delicious and satisfying chocolate.
At home or on the go, make the most of your mornings with a delicious power bowl of Cocosutra oatmeal.

Wake up to delicious piping hot porridges, chilled and refreshing overnight oats or smoothies for on the go. You can also enjoy it as a convenient mid day snack or a satisfying, guilt free sweet tooth buster.
Bursting with vibrant flavors and nutrient dense ingredients, they are guaranteed to become a go to family favorite that you can eat all year round on your wellness journey.

Shelf life: 3 months

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