Concrete Crystal Pendant Lamp White/Copper


A quirky focal point. concrete lamp is composed of angles that resemble a crystalline shape, pulsing with a soft radiance when illuminated. The white cement craft is a feather-light lamp made from hand-pressed concrete textures.

The whimsical stunner that is Concrete Crystal Pendant Lamp in our Feather Lite Lamps Collection comes in a quirky shape that stands out from its surroundings.

Everyone tends to drift towards a distinct style or two, maybe you prefer all things industrial, or perhaps you just can't resist the classic mid-century look. Maybe your choice even falls somewhere in between. In any case, it can be tricky finding pieces that are unique and exciting but also suit your architectural design. Buy decorative items for the home online to brighten up your room with a soft glow in every corner.

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  • Dimension: 6x6x4
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White and Copper


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