Concrete Crystal Planter White and Red


 Harmony with a touch of whimsy. geometric concrete planter is a design with timeless whimsy. The repeated geometry of the shape, the design, and the colours make it the cement pot a statement piece.

One of the principal causes behind the start of the Avant-Garde School was the desire to break down traditional artistic hierarchies. This was not solely a cultural act, but one with immense social consequence too. The aim of which was to fundamentally reorder of society for a modern era, even outside of art.

This angular Concrete Crystal Planter from our Avant-Garde collection is a result of the balance between spontaneity and precision established by this movement itself.
Buy cement pots to give your succulents the perfect home to shine in. The use of primary colours blue and red on striking white backdrop make every detail of this design stand out.

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  • Dimension: Planter 3.5x3.5x2, Tray 4x4x0.65
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White and Red


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