Concrete Diamante Grey Planter


Edgy design with a smooth finish.Today's design aesthetic, defined by sleek, muted patterns and fresh, neutral colour palettes, works beautifully with the vibrant greens of the air-purifying plants. Buy planters online to bring an air of refinement to your monochrome decor.

A neutral colour, grey, is known for its balance of formality and modernity. The timeless grey is a practical shade to accentuate the houseplants. This grey design will add a sense of sophistication to its environment.

The Concrete Diamante Planters in Invertrix Collection, are beautiful small concrete pots.The grey and white colour palette of this  concrete tray planter, though classic, is also very much the epitome of the contemporary design aesthetic. Because of its subtle pattern, this small cement planter adapts with any decor and adds harmony to its surroundings.

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  • Dimension: Planter 4x4x2.5, Tray 6X6X7.5
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: Grey and White


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