Concrete Floater Planter Blue


A stunning design statement.The striking colours of this concrete planter will change the way you think about houseplants as part of your decor. The design makes it resemble stained glass windows more than a cement pot.

Blue is a colour that seeks calm and serenity above everything else. It improves relaxation of both the mind and the body— the tranquil shades of blue work together with smoky greens of the foliage to draw everyone's attention.

The dazzling, unique Concrete Floater Planter from the Collection, made using high-quality concrete, is available for you, in three palettes.        

As human beings, our bond with nature is, at times, a little bit complex. We are a part of the natural ecosystem, and yet, we desire and need to stand slightly apart from it. Buy cement planters online to find that perfect symmetry with nature you are looking for.


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  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White and Blue


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