Concrete Floater Planter - Grey Invertrix Collection


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  • Colour : White - Grey
  • Size In Inches Of Planter : 5*5*2.5
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The epitome of contemporary decor.

Concrete plays nicely beside almost all other design elements in your decor. Eliteearth's truly original monochrome concrete planters are ideal vessels for succulents, small indoor plants and can match any design rhythm.
For those who prefer a classic display, our cement pots in neutral shades come in a sleek modern shape. In colour psychology, the grey colour symbolises neutrality and balance. This meaning of the colour possibly originates due to it being in the middle of white and black.
The intelligent, refreshing design of our Concrete Floater Planter from the Invertrix Collection, is made with long-lasting cement and is waiting for you.    

The black, white, and grey colour palette of the cement planters, while very much classic, is also the epitome of modern design trends.

Styling Tip:
If you are looking for a contemporary pattern, to add a touch of glamour to your wooden decor. Contrast the burst of colours with this monochrome pot by placing it next to colourful stained glass. The concrete will also look terrific paired up with cabinetry in a striking hue.


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