Concrete Hexa Wall Clock Grey


An artistic functionality. This handmade Wall Clock that will work its magic and add structural beauty & fun to your walls. Made from the best quality concrete, our beautifully geometrical concrete clock adds a touch of modest balance to any room.

The Concrete Hexa Wall Clock Grey from our Clocks Master Collection is a hexagonal design with a height of 10.5 inches. The cement craft comes with wooden arms and can be hung on your wall.

With the prevalence of smartphones, wall clocks are drifting away from the world of utility, into the realm of art. And instead of reducing the availability of options, this trend has brought about a wider variety of concrete wall clocks to choose from Ð whether you're looking for an unusual timepiece to magnify a design rhythm that feels modern, minimalist, artistic, and so on.

Decor, Wall Accents, Clocks
In stock
  • Dimension : 10.5x7x10.5 inch
  • Material : Concrete
  • Color : Grey


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