Concrete Jenga Planters, Set of Three Concrete Pots


latest collection brings you treasures that appear to come straight from a magical realm. The opulent finish has the texture and appearance of rare gems.

Buy cement pots that are lightweight but very sturdy. These hand-pressed concrete planters paired with the right plants can give your terrace a touch of personality.

The bold, geometric shapes of the monochrome pots are available in dual titanium white and charcoal tones. The svelte lines of these planters blend in easily with several types of decor too.

The concrete planters with their stunning neutrals are crafted to make an articulate style statement in your space. Buy cement pots for an easy way to surround yourself with greenery.

In stock
  • Dimension: 16x16x18, 16x16x24, 16x16x30 inches 
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White


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