Concrete Mahjong Planters, Set of Two Concrete Pots


These large titanium white concrete pots are handmade with love by the  craftsmen. Fill the chalky set with fragrant frangipani and other lively blooms to create a welcoming visual.

Buy beton planters online and add the glamour of marbles to your environment. The Concrete Mahjong Planters in our Concrete Marbre Planters Collection is a duet of fine concrete pots designed in soothing neutral tones, available in varying sizes.

Savvy decor-enthusiasts know that urban homes need strategically placed plants. To create a bold arrangement in the limited outdoor spaces, buy cement planters online and pair them with plenty of plants to purify the city air.

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  • Dimension: Planter 36x15x15 inches, 30x15x15 inches
  • Material:  Concrete
  • Color: White


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