Concrete Moon Wall Clock White n Orange


This concrete wall clock in white concrete and orange accent adds the classy effect on the wall and enhances beauty of your decor.. A blend of tradition and modernity, this timeless beauty made from high-quality cement will undoubtedly bring in a classic look to your home.The wall clock is a mandatory accessory in any home. It is a decorative unit that can enhance your wall as well as be completely functional.

Our Concrete Moon Wall clock, from the Clock Master Collection, is 9.5 inches in diameter. Its minimal design adds maximum style to any interior design.

The inspiration for this concrete home decor item is based on the warmth of the past, evoking the rigidity of the traditional clocks .

Decor, Wall Accents, Clocks
In stock
  • Dimension :9.5 inch
  • Material : Concrete
  • Color : White and Orange


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