Concrete Parabola Planter Black,Gold Stripes


A refined nurturing. In these times, when everyone needs a place to retreat to more than ever, the outsides have been brought indoors by  Make-in-India planters. People build homes and surround themselves with objects and materials that we believe in; anything that we feel a connection with.

This Concrete Parabola Planter from our Handprinted Collection was conceptualized with the strength of concrete in mind. Our craftsmen crafted cement pots that are both unyielding and nurturing at the same time.

Black, white, and gold tones used to highlight your houseplants, are the base of this refined design. Specially crafted to bring composure and finesse in the interiors of our homes. The matte finish provides an earthy and pure sense of calm, foiled with golden shades that add a glossy touch to your space.

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  • Dimension: 14x10 inches
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: Black, white, and gold 


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