Concrete Parabola Planter Black/Gold


A design with effortless glamour. In the new Vocal-for-local planters, new inspirations have come to life with colour experimentation, daring designs, and new styles of detail along with a mix of textures. Buy concrete planters to add an artless elegance to your living room.

Keep your decor bold and chic, with this striking Concrete Parabola Planter from Handpainted Planters Collection. The undisguised gold tints on this cement planter add glamour appeal to your living space.

Revel in luxury with this elegant, gold-painted concrete planter with geometric patterns.With its tapering elliptical shape that effortlessly combines glitz and neutral colours,  concrete planter is envisioned to have an extraordinary impact on its environment, not only by enriching it but also by standing out as masterpieces in the form of pottery.

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  • Dimension: 14x10
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: Gold and Black


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