Concrete Parabola Planter Charcoal


A monochromatic grace.

Uncomplicated shapes and smooth finishes make this Make-in-India planter chic and tasteful. Our collection is made from high-quality cement to make it a lightweight, delicate and strong pot.

Through its concrete products, offers multiple ways of experiencing nature & light inside your homes.
Ways, which invite us to take a pause, sit, breathe, relax, and enjoy the moment. Buy cement pots made from the highest quality concrete, making them a part of your design space for years to come.

The monochrome design of this Concrete Parabola Planter in our Big Planters Collection, comes in an artless shape that only helps highlight the freshness of the plants within.
Textures of this bare cement planter are created by hand to heighten its simple, unobtrusive form that already has a timeless design sensibility to it.

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  • Dimension: 14x10 inches
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: Charcole


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