Concrete Parabola Planter White/Beige


A headstrong charm. The German word_ Heimweh indicates a sense of homesickness and nostalgia. We usually disregard the difference between knowing about a place, and being there and feeling it with all our senses.  concrete products are crafted to invoke that feeling of home and comfort.

The minimalist design of the Concrete Parabola Planters in Handpainted Collection are created as large cement pots. Buy concrete pots in neutral tones with slight golden accents suitable for bigger plants.

The designs have a unique way of highlighting your houseplants, headstrong and without compromise. The handcrafted cement planters intend to conquer the world with their exclusive beauty.

In stock
  • Dimension: 14x10 inches
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: Beige,White


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