Concrete Square Faced Planter White


Proud presence of design cohesion. persistently attempts to build a context for people to connect with materials. Our creations serve to benefit you with a more welcoming environment. That is the reason why our concrete planters can create such cohesion and continuity with your surroundings and give a superior aesthetic background.

Avant-Garde is distinguished for both its unparalleled aesthetic that inventively merges the fine arts with crafts and architecture as well as its enduring impact on modern and contemporary art. This minimalist Concrete Square-Faced Planter from our Avant-Garde collection is this unification of the fine arts' abstraction and the functionality that is the basis of architecture.

With the vibrant colours of red, orange, and blue wrong with the bold lines on an even bolder white, this concrete pot is the best example of functional objects come to life. Buy cement pots online to house slightly larger houseplants that can stand tall in this dynamic base.

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  • Dimension: Planter 3x3x3, Tray 4x4x5(inches)
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White 


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