Concrete Stylish Planter


Style without compromise.The bespoke concrete creations, are handcrafted, tailor-made and unique concrete planter designs able to grasp the inner essence of the minimalist design. Our concept approach combines styling, material, and imagination with each planter's setting, culture and background, delivering exceptional quality for your houseplants and ensuring an extraordinary experience for you and your guests.

Undoubtedly inspired by the essence of abstraction, the Avant-Garde arts typically blend flat planes and overlapping shapes to hint at impactful dimensionality.This trapezoidal Concrete Stylish Planter from our Avant-Garde collection is the minimalism at its finest, embracing the bold colours and shapes that work together to bring an impeccable unfinished quality to it.

Our cement planters elevate concrete to design. They do that in their own singular style: determined, as becomes the verdant houseplants they house. Buy cement pots that are handcrafted creations made to capture the attention of every guest.

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  • Dimension: Tray 4x4x0.5 , Planter 3.25x3.25x2 inches
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White


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