Concrete Sudoku Planter, Set of Three Concrete Pots


Some instinct inside us craves to give nature a place in our every surrounding. And, the best way to manage that is a piece of foliage here and there. Any room can feel lively and full of energy with a simple addition of plants.

The Concrete Sudoku Planters of our Concrete Marbre Planters Collection are a group of fine modern cement pots hand-pressed for a tidy appearance.

The timeless silhouettes of  meticulously crafted vocal-for-local planters make a striking statement in any setting. In addition, these monochrome concrete pots come in varied dimensions to allow for more diverse vegetation.

In stock
  • Dimension:36x15x15 ,16x16x24,16x16x30 inches
  • Material:  Concrete
  • Color: White


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