Concrete T-Mark Planters - Grey Invertrix Collection


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  • Colour : White - Grey
  • Size In Inches Of Planter : 3.75x3.75x2
  • Size In Inches Of Tray : 4.5x4.5x0.5
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The wisdom of timeless design.

Eliteearth's new range of concrete planters gives you everything you need or expect for contemporary decor. Discover a union of sturdy concrete with a genuinely natural look, with a timeless design.

Gray conforms - it is conservative, steady and practical. It is the colour of maturity and reliability. Not really the dynamic centre of attention, instead, a safe and toned down backdrop for other elements, in this case, houseplants.

The traditional, lotus-like Concrete T-Mark Planters in Invertrix Collection, designed as small-sized cement planters.

According to the Egyptians, the lotus also symbolizes the universe, i.e. it is all-encompassing. Similarly, the lotus is a flower regarded by many Asian cultures, as a symbol of purity, wisdom, and rebirth. Buy concrete planters, in this grey design to offer your plants a stable base from which their new and positive energy can emerge.

Styling Tip:
We love the way this small concrete planter's matte finish gives it an exquisiteness. Get this Make-In-India planter for small indoor plants or assorted herbs like rosemary and thyme, to place near your kitchen window.

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