Concrete Tinted Vase Duo in Grey


Concrete Tinted Vase Duo in Grey-Vazo Collection
Blooming nature inside concrete

At Eliteearth, we're exploring how the increased utility of our homes is making us decorate it in innovative ways. The changes we make are more than just about functionality. The new focus of interior design is also evolving to incorporate what we expect from our homes, emotionally.

The romantic lines of the Concrete Vase Combo from our Vazo Collection, designed as cement vases, are available in grey-tinted concrete. The combo includes two beton vases of different dimensions that can be grouped together in an arrangement or used separately.

Flowers are a classic and inexpensive approach for adding some colour and texture to our homes.

Through changing times, one thing has shown to always be stylish: staying true to yourself. Which is why we support your self-expression, aiding you in adopting new trends with your own personal touch.

Decor, Table Decor, Vases
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  • Dimension: Long vase 3x3x7.5 inch,                                                 short vase  4x4x4.75inch
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: Grey


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