Concrete white Hexa Tabletop Clock


A tasteful asymmetry.Make your space look cosy and personal with Eliteearth's white cement crafts. Indulge your love for Bauhaus style with this lovely contemporary-style clock featuring a geometric abstract artwork hand painted in daring colours.The Concrete Hexa Tabletop Clock from Eliteearth is an easy accent to add to a boring place for an instant glow up. Buy concrete products online in India to add that any detail to your busy study table for an ultimate style update.

Its design is fresh and classic at the same time, reminding us of a historical art movement. The warm colours stand out on the simple white of the cement, and with arms in contrasting colours to add a visual rhythm.

Made from the highest-quality concrete, this tabletop clock comes in a bold asymmetric hexagonal shape. The brightly coloured concrete clock is a small 5.4-inch model, ready to enhance the modern aesthetic of a study table or console table.

In stock
  • Dimension : 5.25x1.25x4
  • Material : Concrete
  • Color: White


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