Concrete White Meteor Planter


Stone-cold elegance. The design philosophy behind concrete products, with its elegance and charm, is unlike any other. Our concrete planters give the illusion of slowly being polished and shaped out from a solid piece of smooth stone.

The simple, glossy finish of our Concrete Meteor Planter from the  Collection, is available as , wide-rimmed cement planters, and is created in multiple tones.

Buy planters online for a fantastic new addition to your home dŽcor. The colours and style of this cement pot are an attractive option for both indoor and outdoor placement. The Technique: The concrete planters are a part of our exclusive handmade, hand-pressed collection. Inspired by the traditional Thapai technique, we have crafted the product in titanium white and then filled in the naturally occurring textures with charcoal colour. The marble-like look is then achieved by sanding it. The process of creating one planter takes our craftsmen around 4-5 days to complete.

In stock
  • Dimension: 12x12x10
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White


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