Concrete White Octave Planter


Experimentation and thoughtfulness.How does one give cement, traditionally a building material, its own artistic contemporary personality? There are no standard designs , only original designs with artisanal spirit and make-in-India concrete crafts with a heart and a soul.

Distinctive Avant-Garde designsÑ whether appearing in the form of painting, interior design, architecture Ñcontain little embellishment and a focus, instead, on balanced patterns and abstract shapes.

This Concrete Octave Planter from our Avant-Garde collection was inspired by the analysis and creativity of those minimalist designs. With its blue and red shapes brightly apparent on white, the concrete planter is the very essence of abstraction.The design created by hand, gently and meticulously, is smooth, but never cold. No two pieces are exactly alike. Buy cement planters that carry the mark of their creator, thanks to their entirely unique creation by our craftsmen.

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  • Dimension: Planter 3x3x2.75, Tray 4x4x5(inches)
  • Material: Concrete
  • Color: White 


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