Cooling Terracotta Water Bottle - 1 litre


This eccentric eco friendly terracotta water bottle is a very eloquent never seen before handicraft piece. The earthy natural clay keeps the porous surface hydrated and hence, the water remains cool. Use this as a blank canvas and decorate this bottle as you like or use this as a minimal organic piece to beat the heat.

Water naturally cool because of the regular permeable property of the terracotta bottle. Utilizing of earthen clay aides adjusting the pH scale due to the porous nature and mending with the components of Earth. Because of the permeable idea of the item, there may be some vanishing outwardly body. Handcrafted in earthen dirt. An ideal substitution for your plastic bottles.The Volume of the bottleis 1000 ML. naturally Cooling Water inside the bottle cools down inside 60 minutes. Permeable nature of dirt aides the interaction. Safe All our dirt cookware is confirmed lead and Arsenic free. We utilize normal red dirt to make the earth bottle. Healthy Risk of getting bug is less while drinking water from terracotta clay water bottle unlike refrigerated water. Delectable IMPROVED TASTE of water in Clay bottleas Clay is a characteristic sugar since it is pH unbiased. 

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  • Dimension: 7x3.5x26inches
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Indian Red
  • Features: Handmade ,Lead Free, Scartch Resistant ,Dishwash Safe  ,Microwave Safe


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