Copper Tumbler in Gift box


Copper, one of the oldest metals used by man, a pure element found under the veil of naturally occurring as a natural mineral. Water stored overnight in copper, been consumed first thing in the morning is the best start to your day. The raw feel of the product is evidence of its handcrafted aspect.

 Copper not only kills harmful bacteria in the water but adds nutrients necessary for your body and helps in proper absorption of it. It improves your skin and premature ageing of the human body, with the pollution in the air, maintains the glow of your skin by drinking water from copper. 

In today’s fast-moving world, we need the health secret of our forefathers, simply replacing your vessels from steel to copper helps reducing cholesterol, control thyroid and boosts your immunity.
Bring a small change by buying pure copper utensils and bring back the traditional health care methods in modern designs to improve your well being. 

The Copper Tumbler will help you foster both the gift of Health anculture! It is one of the most traditional products which holds great relevance to Indian Culture, Our Thatheras work tirelessly to create the perfect Tumbler for your bedside needs.

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  • Dimension : 4 x 4 x 7 inches
  • Material : Pure Copper
  • Weight : between 0.31- 0.45 Kg
  • Volume :750 ml
  • Feature : Hammered  Rose Gold Finish  (handcrafted in pure copper) Lid is made in pure Brass so is golden in color.


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