Copper Water Dispenser

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Copper water dispenser serves all the advantages of drinking water from Tambe ke bartan. The copper water dispenser is a uniquely handcrafted vessel meant for storing water. It has a unique round bottom appearance making it all the more attractive for our customers! It comes in 3 variants of 3 litres, 5 litres, 10 litres and can also be customised as per our customers’ requirement. This finely hammered dispenser takes on and around 1 day to be handcrafted by our Thatheras. It has a tap fitted as its outlet for the convenience of our customers.

The water stored in a copper vessel for 8 hours is called ‘Tamra-Jal'. Drinking this water slows down ageing. According to Ayurveda, it also detoxifies the body and aids in weight loss.

Afday offers a wide range of copper utensils CopperWaterPots to choose from. Water stored in copper dispenser is scientifically proven to possess various positive qualities to bolster overall health benefits. In fact, the longer the wateris stored in a day, the more it is effective in promoting better health. Let’s discuss some of the key features of high quality copper pots that will prove you how they’re fit so much with the contemporary lifestyle. 

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  • Dimension : Small- (3 litres) , Medium (5 litres), Large (10 litres)
  • Material : Pure Copper
  • Feature : The copper water dispenser is a uniquely handcrafted vessel meant fostoring water.


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