Craftbell Mughal Pattern Hand Carved Wooden Printing Block - Set of 8


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  • Craftbell Mughal Pattern Hand Carved Wooden Printing Block - Set of 8
  • Art-work: Hand-carved
  • Material: Sheesham Wood
  • Hand Crafted
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Hand Crafted By National Award Winner Artist Abshar Husain. Designed for printing on any surface, cool choice for those who like the use of stamps for abstract art or crafting. Best to use with any abstract art experiments. Uniquely hand crafted Indian wooden printing blocks created using traditional carving skills and techniques. Gorgeously hand carved onto a wooden block, these wood blocks lend to various versatile and creative forms of printing like textile art, stationery, wax art, scrap booking, pottery, card making, clay projects, tiles, paper crafts, fabric crafts, handcrafted soap making, wallpapers, ceramics, henna, tattoo, candle making, etc. The Wooden blocks are made from high quality Polished Indian Rosewood (Sheesham Wood).

This is the beautiful Handicraft work practiced to perfection by skilled Indian artisans since genrations. These blocks are used for printing on fabric, paper, Body tattoo, mehandi , scrapbooking , canvas, wallpaper, wall painting, home decor and others. You can use any type of colour to give an attractive look to your design. The blocks can be used to print with a variety of pigments such as oil colors, vegetable dyes, acrylic colors, water colors, fabric paints, glitter, clay, etc.

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