Double Bed Linen Bedspread - Floral


₹5,500 ₹5,500
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  • Material: Raw Silk
  • Dimensions:238cm length 250 cm width
  • Care - Wash in warm water. Do not bleach/soak
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With a soft feel, the Bed Spread from Bunkojunko. The design displays a repetition of intricately Patched, designed to make it look much better. This bedspread is made of 100% cotton fabric and has a beautiful appeal and a soft feel. 
Double Bed Linen Bedspread
About the collection
Ethical designed terms of this product by Bunkojunko recaptures traditional patchwork Art. The collection is inspired by rich Indian visuals and incorporates powerful contemporary elements. Showcasing geometricity across it's range, this collection implies symmetry and balance to ultimately create cohesive organization.

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