Gonecase Vegan Leather Snake Clutch Bag


₹1,799 ₹1,525
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  • Material
    Vegan leather, Polly velvet 
  • Size
    4”/ 8" inches
    Inner pocket on both sides
  • Pocket size
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Vegan Leather Snake Clutch Bag Unique Dual-colored Handcrafted Clutch bag with  Art inspired designed handcrafted by the tribal of India . These abstract handpainted bags are dainty and quirky at the same time .Never goes unnoticed and out of style , this piece of designer bag is surely something you wouldn't want to miss. This is Handcrafted with Keeping in mind the Indian-ness with Handcrafted Clutch bag with embroidery on it. Vegan Leather and Quality Of handmade can be the one that never fails to inspire your modern everyday look!

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