Gulchandani Grand Premium 28 pc (Dinner plates, bowls, platter) Dinnerware


Dive into the muses of this midnight blue and snowy white Gulchandani Dinner Collection. Creating a mesmerizing and calming mood with its zest, this collection includes our bestselling pieces. Inspired from the moonlight on a midnight sky and the tiny reflections of the stars’ light on our windows and the gorgeous Gulchandani flower that glows under the moonlit sky, the reflections of light on the glossy ultramarine blue surface creates an exquisite vibe.

10” Dinner Plate- 6, 7” Quarter Dinner Plate- 6, 7” Serving Bowl- 2, 9” Serving Bowl- 1,

5” Soup Bowl- 6, 4” Portion Bowl- 6, 11” Shell Platter – 1

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  • Material: Ceramics
  • Color: Ultramarine Blue
  • Features: Hand made, Lead Free, Dish wash Safe, Scratch resistant, Microwave safe


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