Handloom Black Baluchari Cotton Stole


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Beautiful Mul cotton Handwoven Baluchari Cotton Stole in Black. Elevate your daily outfits with ArtEastri

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Baluchari weaving traces its origin to 18th century Bengal . Nurtured by the then Mughal rulers, the motifs are ornate and depict scenes from the Ramayana or Mahabharata or even the social life of the Mughals and the British.

Beat the summer heat in this Handloom Black Baluchari cotton scarf. You can wear this handloom Black Baluchari cotton scarf to mix in with your stylish outfit, or you can make it the star of your look and spice up an otherwise plain outfit. 

Stole Dimension: 24" x80"

Colour: Black

Care: Cold Handwash Only

Disclaimer: This is an authentic handwoven scarf . Any unevenness in the selvedge or weave only proves the human involvement in the manufacturing process and adds to the natural beauty of the product.

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