Ceramic Decorative Cotton Jar Yellow Color With Lid - Set Of 2 Box

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  • 100% Handmade : Handmade by recognised Artisans from Jaipur ( Rajasthan)
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  • Method: Jaipur blue pottery made out of a similar frit material to Egyptian faience is glazed and low-fired. No clay is used the 'dough' for the pottery is prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth), borax, gum and water. Another source cites Katira Gond powder (a gum), and saaji (soda bicarbonate) as ingredients.
  • About Craft: Blue Pottery is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur, though it is Turko-Persian in origin. The name 'blue pottery' comes from the eye-catching cobalt blue dye used to color the pottery.
  • Disclaimer: Color shades, pattern and polish may vary slightly around the surface, since the painting is done free-style.
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