Jamdani Stole Half Stripe Half Motifs


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  • Work: Hand Stitched and handloom woven
  • Dimension: L- 74 x 25 inches
  • Materials upcycled: Waste Cotton Yarn
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Jamdani, originally known as Dhakai is named after the city of Dhaka, which was known to be one of the main centers of weaving in the ancient times in the Bengal region.
Essentially a fine muslin cloth, a texture the result of a complex weaving technique that originated almost two thousand years ago, decorated with motifs that are woven on the loom, appear to float on a shimmering surface.
And because of this exquisite painstaking methodology required to create this supple cloth, only aristocrats and  royal families were able to afford it back then!
We have sourced this cloth from traditional weavers who deal in bulk and have a ton of  cut yarn that goes to waste!
What we’ve done, is get our weavers to create these beautiful stoles out of their own yarn waste. We provided them with fine jute yarn waste and lurex yarn to be utilized for the hand crafted borders, intricate insertion of both yarns as stripes in some stoles and the hand stitched motifs and booties to create something that enhances the beauty of this already unbelievable cloth.
These stoles can adorn any outfit you choose to pair with it with ease.
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