Jute Bag


₹2,200 ₹2,200
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  • Material: Jute & Cotton.
  • Dimensions: 43.18 CM Length x 52.07 CM Width x 25.4 CM Height.
  • Compartment:
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Hand bag around your things with the Flutter Tree line of women's Hand bag by Bunkojunko. These designer Handbags are a perfect size to carry around your essentials whether it is books, shopping items, groceries, etc. This braided handbag feature an effortless access, and maximum storage for your stuff. The design displays colourful braided patterns which makes it more durable and attractive.

About the collection
Ethical designed terms of this product by Bunkojunko represents Overseas connections. The collection is inspired by geographical assessments. Showcasing geometricity across it's range, this collection implies symmetry and balance to ultimately create cohesive organization.
This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly.

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