Lapis Drops For Her


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  • Dimensions: 6.8cms total drop length; 10mm Blue Lapis Lazuli beads, 2 & 3mm zircon studs.
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For HER!
Drop earrings that are effortlessly chic. The style is crafted using sterling silver base metal, which is given 2micron 18carat gold plating.
Gemstones used: Blue Lapis Lazuli. This lovely gemstone has natural golden streaks in it, that perfectly complements the gold plating finish given to the style. Blue Lapis is not only considered a symbol of royalty but is also amongst the popular stones meant to protect its wearer from evil eye. To read more about this rock, read here.
Blue zircon studs beautify the drops further.

Well that's not it. You can now match your jewelry with your significant other. To checkout the coordinated style for your 'HIM', click here.



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