Prehnite Pendant


₹1,500 ₹1,500
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  • Metal used : Sterling Silver
  • Stone Used : Prehnite (Origin - Africa).
  • Dimensions : chain length 18inches
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Prehnite stone pendant strung in a delicate chain. Stones used are all organic, hence shape of no two pendant alike, making each pendant exclusive. Product weight can vary anything between 8-13 gms per piece due to variation in stone weight.

About "Prehnite Collection": Prehnite, a pale green translucent mineral, is considered as stone of unconditional love. Also known as the prophetic stone, it was originally adorned by the indigenous shamans of South Africa. Thought to possess healing properties, it is believed that this stone empowers the bearer with immense focus and helps them declutter their mind from any negative thoughts, bringing peace & harmony into their lives. This collection is made from hand picked Prehnite stones set in sterling silver collet.

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