Sadyaska Hand Woven Cushion Cover Charcoal Posession Pattern Sofa Garden Dupion Cushion Cover 16x16


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  • Fabric/Material: Front- Hand woven Back- Dupion
  • Pattern/Design: Hand Woven / Aztech Endure
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Sadyaska introduces the exquisite designer charm to your living room decor by welcoming this stylish cushion cover. Made from fine quality material, this cushion cover is soft to touch and easy to maintain. Furthermore, the beautiful pattern on it makes this piece visually appealing and attractive. Get this cushion cover as it will blend well with the modern interiors of your living room. This woven Cushion cover is the perfect home decor piece to create a bright, unique (and extra comfy) space. Great as a Picnic, gift, holidays. This Beautiful Woven Tapestry Floor Pillow cover is made by Best Quality Cotton and Acrylic yarns and is super soft to the touch. You can place them in bed room, living room or even use them for decoration in your house. You can sit on it, relax your feet upon it or use it as a decorative piece by adding a blast of color to your living space. This pillow can be mixed with contemporary, Modern or traditional decor, A Charming Pillow Cover.

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