Toda Embroidered Yellow Apron handmade with naturally dyed handwoven


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  • Toda Embroidered Yellow Apron handmade with naturally dyed handwoven 100% premium cotton.
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Toda Embroidered Yellow Apron handmade with naturally dyed

We all know aprons have numerous advantages as they can be worn for hygienic purposes by covering the front of the body. To prevent the inner clothes from dust, dirt, spills and debris during cooking, serving, cleaning or performing a creative task. Aprons protect your clothes and acts as a protective barrier.
Embroidered Apron: The bib of the apron has Toda tribal embroidery
The Toda Embroidery, also locally known as “pukhoor”, is an art work among the Toda pastoral people of Nilgiris, in Tamil Nadu, made exclusively by their women. The Todas are indigenous tribe of The Nilgiris living at the higher altitudes of these pristine mountains. The embroidery, which has a fine finish, appears like a woven cloth but is made with use of red and black threads with a white cotton cloth background. Both sides of the embroidered fabric are usable and the Toda people are proud of this heritage. Both men and women adorn themselves with the embroidered cloaks and shawls. Documented references to this art form goes back to 1870s. The Todas see this embroidery as their tribute to nature and true to this outlook, they bury their dead with the embroidered cloth covering the body.

Made with handwoven naturally dyed hundred percent cotton fabric

Super soft fabric, feels very good on the skin and lightweight

These can be used by chefs, cooks, gardener, painter, potter, florist, etc.

Kindly allow for slight variation in size. The fabric used is printed by hand due to which the print may not be uniform throughout the fabric hence, kindly allow for slight variation in print and colour. All aprons may not be identical.

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