Tyre Tube Bud Table Top


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  • Work: Hand cut, pasted and stitched
  • Dimension: L- 3.5 x 3 inches
  • Materials upcycled: TyreTube+ Felt
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Multipurpose table top storage needs made from upcycled rubber sheets from tyre tubes of tractors and trucks!

Upcycled using rubber sheets which are flattened out from discarded tyre tubes from old tractors and factories, washed and processed well and used to create these awesome products!

These multi-purpose table top accessories were designed with the intention of a zero-waste process, shaped into the necessary form where there is minimal cutting and therefore minimal wastage.

The treated rubber sheets are laid out, the colourful fabric which is pasted is actually recycled felt. It is then shaped and fitted with rivets to hold itself in place to provide you with these quirky storage units!

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